2007-09-21 11:55 PM

Word of Mouth is Not an Oral Fixation

A quick note for those of you ahead of the pack on adopting the business metaphor.

Mark Joyner’s Word of Mouth Transformation training is beginning on Monday. What that means is that he will be closing the doors for registration in this year-long training at midnight (PDT) on Sunday. You have about 50 hours from me posting this to sign up.

If you are at all questioning whether this is right for you go now and reserve your spot. MJ is backing it all up with a 100% money back guarantee for up to a year!

You must know by now that I’m a great fan of MJ’s work and since this is a combination of his extensive marketing knowledge with his world renowned Simpleology format I highly recommend it for anyone with a business or interest in building a business.

What will you learn? Read all about it.

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