2007-10-19 11:36 AM

Modeling Success

Getting ahead in life can be challenging. Raw talent will only get you so far. (I hit that wall several times before recognizing it.)The best way that I know of to break free when stuck is to follow those who have gone before. Find  someone who has done what you want to do and model them. Read what they write, watch what they do, listen to what they have to say, watch how they react to circumstances.

Watching from the outside can be very valuable, however getting inside the head of the person you’re modeling can be invaluable. Even if you are timid about contacting your “idol” remember they are only human and the worst they can do is break the illusion of who you imagine them to be.

Of course there are times when potential mentors open their doors and welcome questions. When these opportunities arise you should be prepared and strike while the iron is hot. You may come up with questions like this:

You’ve simplified Internet business to Traffic+Copy+Product, you’ve simplified time/life management to (something like) Leverage-Distractions+Family**2, and so with your apparent skill at consuming information and taking action how would you summarize your learning strategy?

What questions do you have about language patterns or accelerated learning?
Ask them here and I will answer them on Monday.

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