2007-11-06 11:51 PM

I/O, I/O, It’s Off To Work..

While the abbreviation “I/O” is a computer thing the idea of Input and Output are a matter of our daily lives.

Input can be a bit tricky. You can almost measure input: pages read, recordings heard, videos watched. Yet somehow we lose track of all those continuous inputs that hover below our conscious awareness. Not to mention the fact that all that input is coming in through one of five channels (the senses) and being filtered by our nervous system before we ever get to evaluate it consciously.

Output is the more straight forward of the two. You can measure your output in reasonable units: pages written, papers graded, tasks completed. The only real trick to the output side is making sure it is relevant output. And of course there is the output that gets turned into input in the form of feedback.

When we put I/O in the context of learning they each play an important role. We need to carefully balance the input (reading, listening, watching) with the output (writing, speaking, executing). School settings generally do a reasonable job of balancing input and output. “Industrial” development also tends to balance I/O. There is a reason it is called R&D — research (input) and development (output) are both necessary to make forward progress.

What if you aren’t in a laboratory or a classroom? There’s the rub. It is entirely up to the individual to maintain that balance. All output and no input makes Jack a dull boy. All input and no output makes Jack useless.

Yesterday I announced my short course for improving your reading input. After today’s post I’ve been inspired to release my first output course sooner rather than later. Watch later in the week for a video course on improving your presentations.

Last “mu” teaser before the big reveal. Figure out what is wrong with this question:

Have you stopped beating your kids?

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