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Quick, Simple, Easy — Pick Two

If you picked quick and simple and you haven’t heard about Simpleology yet you are in for a wonderful surprise!

Mark Joyner created Simpleology to help people get what they want from life. Personally I find the 15 minutes spent in the morning really give me an edge — when I’m consistent enough to do it! I am quick with excuses but until just now I hadn’t paid enough attention to the days where I start with Simpleology and get twice as much done in the same amount of time. (Now that I’ve verbalized it I’ll stack some anchors and make it happen!)

So what does this have to do with Life, Love, & Learning? It turns out that Mark is releasing the Simpleology Book this week and even the preview shares some powerful language patterns that may be keeping you from what you really want!

If you hurry you can get a preview of the book by logging into your Simpleology account. Look for the red “Simple·ology Book” link.

If you don’t have a free Simpleology account yet, go sign up now! Get started on 101 today so you can take control of your Time, and get ready for 102 and 103 where you get a handle on Money and Energy. (Could you use more of these three resources?!)

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Sick of The Secret Yet?

The replay is now available of the Hogan/Lakhani/Warren call I mentioned last week. They had some really good points whether you are a friend or foe of the “Law of Attraction.” (No registration, just download the mp3.)

And check out if you like intelligent discussion that is often centered on the stupid things people do. (One of my favorites is his blog post about visiting the post office!)

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Secret Lovers and Haters

I’m not sure what I think of the whole Secret phenomena.

I heartily believe in the Attraction Principle — what you pay attention to you will notice more often. Not seeing is believing — believing is seeing.

The whole idea of creating changes in the world by sitting on your ass thinking positively doesn’t jive well with me. What you are noticing was already there before you started paying attention to it.

"Change your mind, change your world" works as long as there are some behavioral changes that go along with the mental changes.

I’m curious what some vocal detractors (Blair Warren, Kevin Hogan, and Dave Lakhani) have to say about The Secret in their teleseminar this Wednesday night.

(Email thesecret [at] if you’re curious too! They are supposed to have a replay if you miss it.)

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So What?

An epiphany is great. Insight is wonderful.
And is often followed by the question “So what?”

I had my “so what” moment following my latest epiphany.
I never applied my study techniques. So what.
I had many opportunities to study and ignored most of them. So what.

As I look back at when I’ve done well and when I’ve not done well the difference is in the little things. Specifically, what little things am I doing on a regular basis? Am I chipping away at the large tasks or letting myself feel overwhelmed and ignoring them? Am I working early and leaving time to do a good job or am I waiting until the last minute and doing “enough.” Am I consistent or haphazard?

As you look back at your successes what consistent patterns do you see?

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Consistency, Scheduling, and Fun

I continue to be confronted this week with “consistency.”

I have struggled for many years with the idea of consistency versus scheduling. I had felt that setting up a routine where everything is scheduled would be restricting and I would be “trapped” by the clock. What I had been ignoring is that when I have my day “wide open” and I typically waste most of the day and get very little done.

One of the biggest breakthroughs I’ve had with scheduling has been a direct result of advice from a great business coach, Rich Schefren. Among many things Rich suggested scheduling fun things immediately following work time. This gives motivation to stay efficient and get things done.

If you have considered starting or are struggling in an Internet business you should schedule some time this week to check out Rich’s material. The free stuff alone will help you bypass the first “opportunistic” stage and really launch a business.

Figure out what needs to be done this week and schedule something fun to follow!

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A Man, A Plan, …

No canals, just the promised insight.

This week I had one of those epiphanies where I felt clear and also ridiculous because it was obvious and I had just missed it.

I had been warned before the semester started that one of my courses would be straight memorization. I thought “great, I’ll just use all those ‘accelerated learning’ memory techniques I know.” Our first test was yesterday and I found myself an hour before the test cramming with my classmates — reciting random bits of the notes in the hopes that it would be on the test and I would happen to remember it long enough to write it down.

How is it that with all these great memory techniques I was still cramming like everyone else? Because I never applied the techniques! Yes, I had the best of intentions, yet never sat down and put in the time to apply them.

The moral, for those who missed it so far, is that having the best techniques in the world doesn’t help if you don’t use them!! (I told you it was obvious.) Pondering, plotting, and planning are great — just remember to do the plodding too!

Do I even need to ask where you’re going to apply things you “already know” and have been ignoring?

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Back on the air!


I finally got a replacement wifi card and am back on the network.

And yes, my hip is doing fine. However, I twisted my ankle (on ice in the parking lot!) last week and so I’m nursing that and taking the maximum recommended dose of pain killers. (And yes, relaxing and walking naturally has helped this also.)

Watch for a more insightful post today or tomorrow.

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