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Allowing — the greatest of these …

As we are full in the swing of the holi-daze, it’s good to remember what the season is all about. It isn’t shopping, spending, buying — it *is* about giving and love.

I was coming here to share that a book by T. Conte is launching tomorrow and changed my mind after seeing the “trippy” gifts being submitted for that launch. (And here’s that link if that’s your sort of thing.)

Instead, I’m going to recommend the book Allowing by Holly Riley. I have heard nothing but good things about Holly and her book from our mutual friend Don McKinnon (make sure you grab a copy of his gift by registering your book purchase at

Either way, today is a good day to check out a new book or two on Love. And, as a bonus, if you check out Holly’s book, there is a (non-holiday related) pile of gifts waiting for you to order your copy on Tuesday Dec 7th.

In the meantime, remember ”the greatest of these is Love”!

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